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Current Courses

Course Dates Title and Link
ATI Sept.-Dec. 2017 Astronomical Telescopes and Instruments
PMSci Sept.-Dec. 2017 Project Management for Scientists

Upcoming Courses

Course Dates Title
AOT Feb.-May 2018 Astronomical Observing Techniques

Past Courses

Course Year Title and Link
AOT 2017 Astronomical Observing Techniques
ATI 2016 Astronomical Telescopes and Instruments
AOT 2016 Astronomical Observing Techniques
OAI 2015 Optics and Instruments
PMSci 2015 Project Management for Scientists
AOT 2014 Astronomical Observing Techniques
ATI 2014 Astronomical Telescopes and Instruments
AOT 2013 Astronomical Observing Techniques
2011 Instrumentation for solar and stellar polarimetry (China Summer School)
NS-284B 2011 Planets and Exoplanets
NS-AP526M 2011 Project management for scientists
NS-AP433M 2011 Astronomical data analysis
NS-AP443M 2010 Astronomical telescopes and instrument
NS-284B 2010 Planets and Exoplanets
NS-AP439M 2010 Solar Physics
NS-AP433M 2010 Observational Astrophysics 2
NS-284B 2009 Planets and Exoplanets
2009 Utrecht Summer School in Astrophysics
2009 USO Summer School: Spectropolarimetry
NS-AP526M 2009 Project Management for Scientists
NS-AP433M 2008 Observational Astrophysics 2
2008 Utrecht Summer School in Astrophysics
2008 Solar Polarization: Instrumentation (China Summer School)
NS-AP439M 2008 Solar Physics
NS-AP433M 2007 Observational Astrophysics 2
2007 Utrecht Summer School in Astrophysics
2006 Utrecht Summer School in Astrophysics
NS-AP439M 2005 Solar Physics
2000 Instrumentation for Astrophysical Spectropolarimetry
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