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Are you looking for a PhD or Postdoc position in the field of experimental astrophysics/chemistry ? Then this is the right place to look.

From 2020 onwards we have a vacancy for a laboratory technician (Dutch MBO level). We are looking for a person with a technical background, a lot of hands-on experience, with a great affinity to technical equipment. Our lab tech keeps track of small repairs, storage, lab safety and full technical infrastructure. This position is typical at the Dutch MBO level. The position is 0.4 fte, i.e., for 2 full days or 4 half days. 

You are looking for a PhD or Postdoc position ?
We currently do not have vacancies for PhD or Postdoc positions, however, for postdocs external grant options exist:

This grant (250.000 Euro) allows 3 years of research, funded by NWO, on one of our experimental setups or as theoretical support for one of the running projects. This grant is particularly suited for persons with at least 1 or 2 years postdoctoral experience and with a strong (i.e., above average) scientific profile. The application is open for all nationalities. See for further details VENI application rounds take place once a year. Only very good and excellent research proposals are granted.

VENI applications are peer reviewed and candidates have an opportunity to comment to the referee reports. A jury judges whether candidates are invited to present their work for the commission that decides which proprosals are granted. Early Januari.

This grant (800.000 Euro) allows 5 years of research, funded by NWO. This grant aims at young researchers with typicall several years of experience, and with a very strong (i.e., excellent) scientific profile. Only the top 15% proposals are granted. The application is open for all nationalities. VIDI rounds take place once a year. Next submission date will be in early October. Within the new VIDI regulations (starting 2018), a so called 'embeddings-garantie' is needed, i.e., only candidates who qualify for a tenure track position are eligible to apply.

VIDI applications are peer reviewed and candidates typically apply for a PhD student and postdoc, as well as finances in support of the proposed research. VIDI grants are ideal to start an own research direction. 

Other possibilities may exist through EU exchange programs.

For persons from (associated) EU member states as well as from outside Europe Marie Curie individual fellowships are supported. The selection procedure takes place typically once a year and is based on a proposal describing science project, training activities, as well as impact and implementation of the proposed research. A post-doc can apply for a maximum of two years of full support. Besides a generous salary, substantial means become available for travel and to participate in meetings, workshops and training events. More information is available from

The applicant is expected to write a detailed (and rather long) application focusing on research and training program. A small number of experts in the field judges the applications on a number of aspects (far beyond the science part). The submission dates are always around the second week of September. When you are interested, contact us at least 4 months in advance.

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