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Present (November 2022) vacancies:

We have a vacancy for a laboratory technician (Dutch MBO level). We are looking for a person with a technical background, a lot of hands-on experience, with a great affinity to technical equipment. Our lab technician keeps track of small repairs, storage, lab safety and the full technical infrastructure. This position is typical at the Dutch MBO level. The position is 0.5 fte and is rather flexible in the way of handling hours (i.e. only mornings or afternoons or first two days of the week, ...).

We do not have open positions for PhD students.

We will have a vacancy for a postdoc in January 2023. This project is about solid state astrochemistry. 

VENI GRANT 2022/2023
This grant (280.000 Euro) allows 3 years of research, funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, on one of our experimental setups or as theoretical support for running projects. The application is open for all nationalities. VENI grants are awarded to excellent research proposals of strong candidates who recently graduated; only applicants who obtained their PhD after 01.01.2019 or will will obtain theire PhD before September 6th, 2022 are eligible to apply. 

The procedure: VENI pre-registration before September 6th, 2022, to check eligibility and quality CV. In the case of an admission, the full proposal has to be handed in not later than 24.01.2023. The application is peer reviewed and candidates have an opportunity to comment on the referee reports. Based on the review reports and rebuttal, a jury judges whether candidates are invited to present their work for the commission that decides which proprosals are granted. Decisions are made in June 2023. This allows a start around September 2023. 

When you are interested in a VENI application, please let us know at least 2 months in advance of the pre-registration date. 

For persons from (associated) EU member states as well as from outside Europe Marie Curie individual fellowships are supported. The selection procedure takes place typically once a year and is based on a proposal describing science project, training activities, as well as impact and implementation of the proposed research. A post-doc can apply for a maximum of two years of full support. Besides a generous salary, substantial means become available for travel and to participate in meetings, workshops and training events. More information is available from

The applicant is expected to write a detailed (and rather long) application focusing on research and training program. A small number of experts in the field judges the applications on a number of aspects (far beyond the science part). The submission dates are typically around mid September (but can vary). Decisions are made in February/March 2023. When you are interested, contact us at least 4 months in advance, writing a good application takes time.
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