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Laboratory for Astrophysics
Stage, bachelor en masteronderzoek in het Laboratorium voor Astrofysica

It is possible to perform your traineeship (4th year HBO), bachelor or master research project in the Laboratory for Astrophysics. You will join an ongoing research project and depending on your interests, the focus of your project will be defined. The topic will be always related to astronomy, but the exact work can be anything; construction and design of new equipment, measuring on the existing setups, programming, analysis and interpretation, combination of lab data with astronomical observations, ..., you name it.

The procedure:
- Send a short mail to linnartz 'at' to make an appointment. For external students we request also a short motivation letter and CV.
- We typically supervise 3 traineeships/semster, so please contact us not too late.
- COVID-19; as a direct consequence of the Corona crisis we are currently very limited in lab access which also affects traineeships. We hope to be able to start offering positions from February 2021 onwards. 
International traineeships
We offer traineeships to students from abroad, typically in their final Master year, but not for very short periods (< 3 months) and not over the Summer months, i.e. from mid June to mid September. The latter also applies to summer traineeships. Please contact us for any further questions.

The conditions / de voorwaardes;

- HBO: je zit in het laatste jaar van een natuurkundige/technische richting en jouw Hogeschool erkent de Sterrewacht Leiden als een formele afstudeerplaats. Dit is bv. het geval voor de Hogeschool den Haag.
- Bachelor: je studeert bij voorkeur A/N of N/A, je staat experimenteel goed in je schoenen en je hebt je Ba programma vrijwel afgerond. Omdat het hoofd van het lab ook de BRP coordinator van sterrenkunde is, kun je bij hem terecht voor alle vragen.
- Masters: you are subscribed for the masters astronomy, physics or chemistry and you are interested in the experimental aspects of scientific research. Please note, that we will only offer a lab project to persons with a sound background in experimental work. Alternatively, your project may involve astronomical research linked to (ongoing) lab work. 
An overview of all previous and new traineeships - more than 40 - in the Laboratory for Astrophysics:

Wiebke Ludwig (2006, Ma Scheikunde Leiden); Martha Beckwith (2007, University of Maryland); Edith Fayolle (2008, University of Paris); Daniel Paardekooper (2008, Hogeschool den Haag); Nienke van der Marel (2008, Ba A/N Leiden); Wenze Klink (2009, Hogeschool den Haag); Arthur Bakker (2009, Ba A/N Leiden); Arthur Vromans (2010, Ba A/N/W Leiden); Michiel Meijers (2010, Ba A/N Leiden); Dmitry Lamers (2010, Hogeschool den Haag); Aviscar Jankepersadsing (2011, Hogeschool den Haag); Martin de Valois (2012, Ba A/N Leiden); Niels Favier (2012, Hogeschool den Haag); Jan Gribberink (2012, Hogeschool den Haag); Kirstin Doney (2012, Ma Leiden); Thomas Triemstra (2013, Hogeschool den Haag); Ellen van der Linden (2013, Hogeschool den Haag); Paul van Vliet (2013, Ma Chemistry Leiden); Julia Heuritsch (2013, Ma Leiden); Coen Fransen (2014, Hogeschool den Haag); Bart Olsthoorn (2014, Hogeschool den Haag); Miriam Both (2015, Hogeschool den Haag); Bas Zoutendijk (2015, Ba N/A Leiden); Chris Lemmens (2015, Ma A Leiden); Patrick Dorval (2015, Ma A Leiden); Jeroen Terwisscha van Scheltinga (2016, Hogeschool den Haag); Marin Waaijer (2016, Ma Chemistry UvA); Giulia Marcandalli (2017, Ma Chemistry Leiden); Hidde Jense (2017, Ba A/N Leiden); Irene Haasnoot (2018, Ma A Leiden); Daniel Koletzki (2018, Hogeschool den Haag); Jerry Kamer (2018, Hogeschool den Haag); Stefan van der Giessen (2019 Ba /N Leiden); Dani de Boe (2019 Ba / A Leiden); Nashanty Brunken (2019 Ba / A Leiden); Siyu Wang (2019 Ba / A Leiden/BNU Peking); Sharon Diamant (2019 Ba / A Leiden); Judy Foster (2019 LEAPS-US); Judit Ferer (2019 Ma / A Leiden); Pien Vinke (2020, Hogeschool den Haag); Jeroen van Duijvenboden (2020 Ba / A Leiden); Victor van Rooijen (2020 Ba / A Leiden); Jeger Broxterman (2020 Ba / A Leiden); Benjamin Ben Harosh (2021 Ba / A Leiden); Casper Spijker (2021 Ba / A Leiden); Julian Penzinger (2022 Ma / A Leiden); Milan Heinsohn Huala (2022 Ba / A Leiden); Rastko Hadzi Cenic (2022 Ba / A Leiden); Frank Renzen (2022 / M Leiden); Bryce Benz (2023 Ba / A Leiden); Charlotte Coone (2023 Ba / A Leiden); Liya Charlaganova (2023 Ba / A Leiden); Bjorn Bakelaar (2023, Hogeschool den Haag); Iris Elfferich (2023, Hogeschool den Haag); 
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