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Scientific Record
Marina Rachid, Leiden, Promotores Linnartz/van Dishoeck
The hunt for complex molecules in space - the laboratory perspective 

Gwenaelle Dufour, Leiden/NASA, Promotor Linnartz, Co-Promotor Charnley
Non-linear astrochemical kinetics - Theory and applications

Michal Bulak, Leiden, Promotores Linnartz/Tielens
UV photodesorption and photoconversion - the laboratory perspective. 

Jeroen Terwisscha van Scheltinga, Leiden, Promotores Hogerhejde/Linnartz
Ice and gas in protoplanetary clouds and planet forming disks - a combined laboratory and observational study

Danna Qasim, Leiden; Promotores Linnartz/van Dishoeck
Dark chemistry in interstellar clouds

Xavier Bacalla, Leiden; Promotores Linnartz/Ubachs
Electronic spectroscopy of molecules of astrophysical interest

Vincent Kofman; Promotor Linnartz; Co-promotor ten Kate
Laboratory studies of water ice in space

Pablo Castellanos, Leiden; Promotores Tielens/Linnartz
Breaking & Entering - PAH photodissociation and top-down chemistry

Kirstin Doney; Promotor Linnartz; Co-promotor Zhao
Infrared spectroscopy of astrophysically relevant hydrocarbons

KoJu Chuang, Leiden; Promotores Linnartz / van Dishoeck;
Co-promotores Ioppolo/Fedoseev
Molecule formation under dense cloud conditions; sweet results from the laboratory

Niels Ligterink, Leiden; Promotores van Dishoeck/Linnartz
The astrochemical factory: a solid base for interstellar reactions

Daniel Paardekooper, Leiden; Promotor Linnartz
Shining light on interstellar matter - a laboratory study

Thanja Lamberts, Leiden; Promotor Linnartz, Co-promotores Cuppen, Ioppolo
Unraveling the surface formation of regular and deuterated water in space
- A combined laboratory and computational study

Steven Cuylle, Leiden; Promotor Linnartz
Hydrocarbons in Interstellar Ice Analogues - UV-VIS spectroscopy and VUV photochemistry

Gleb Fedoseev, Leiden; Promotor Linnartz, Co-promotores Ioppolo, Cuppen
Atom addition reactions in interstellar ices - New pathways towards molecular complexity in space

M. Ali Haddad, Amsterdam; Promotores Ubachs/Linnartz, Co-promotor Zhao
Cavity Ring-­Down Laser Spectroscopy of Carbon-­Chain Molecules

Edith Fayolle, Leiden; Promotores Linnartz/Fillion, Copromotor Oberg
From ice to gas; constraining desorption mechanisms in interstellar ice

Karoliina Isokoski, Leiden; Promotores Linnartz/van Dishoeck
Physics and Chemistry of Interstellar Ice

Nadine Wehres, Groningen/Leiden; Promotores Tielens/Linnartz
Optical spectroscopy of interstellar and circumstellar molecules : a combined laboratory and observational study

Sergio Ioppolo, Leiden; Promotores Linnartz/van Dishoeck; Copromotor Cuppen
Surface formation routes of interstellar molecules – a laboratory study / thesis

Jordy Bouwman, Leiden; Promotor Linnartz
Spectroscopy and chemistry of interstellar ice analogues

Dmitry Ityaksov, Amsterdam; Promotores Ubachs/Linnartz
Cavity ring-down optical extinction measurements of atmospheric molecules

Karin Oberg, Leiden; Promotores van Dishoeck/Linnartz
Complex processes in simple ices – Laboratory and observational studies of gas-grain interactions during star formation

Harald Verbraak, Amsterdam; Promotores Stolte / Co-promotor Linnartz
High resolution infrared spectroscopy of ionic complexes

Eric Volkers, Amsterdam; Promotor Stolte / Co-promotor Linnartz
Vibronic spectroscopy of NO2 isotopologues

Suzanne Bisschop, Leiden; Promotor van Dishoeck / Co-promotor Linnartz
Complex molecules in the laboratory and star forming regions

Arjan Gijsbertsen, Amsterdam; Promotor Stolte / Co-promotor Linnartz
Towards a better understanding of inelastic atom-molecule collisions

Dorinel Verdes, Basel; Promotor Maier / Supervisor Linnartz
High resolution infrared diode laser spectroscopy of ionic complexes in the gas phase

Olga Vaizert, Basel; Promotor Maier / Supervisor Linnartz
Elektronische Spektroskopie an Kohlenstoff-Radikalen in der Gasphase

Tomasz Motylewski, Basel; Promotor Maier / Supervisor Linnartz
Cavity ring-down spectroscopy of transient species

David Pfluger, Basel: Promotor Maier / Supervisor Linnartz
Hochauflösende Absorptionsspektroskopie an Polyacetylen- und Cyanopolyacetylen-Kationen

Thomas Speck, Basel; Promotor Maier / Supervisor Linnartz
Direkte Absorptionsspektroskopie ionischer Komplexe

Thomas Ruchti, Basel; Promotor Maier / Supervisor Linnartz
Hochaufgelöste Spektroskopie an kalten Ionen und Radikalen in Uberschallexpansionen
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