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Sackler Lab
Welcome to the homepage of the Sackler Laboratory for Astrophysics

In our laboratory we use physical methods to answer chemical questions of astronomical interest. For this we have developed sophisticated experiments fully focused on reproducing the conditions under which molecules form in the inter- and circumstellar medium. Interstellar clouds are simulated with special plasma expansions and chemical reactions on icy dust grains are measured in ultra-high vacuum setups. This provides the data necessary to guide and interpret astronomical observations and to model reaction networks in space. Please, have a look at this site and feel free to contact us when you have questions.

Harold Linnartz


- 2019.01: Looking forward to meet our new lab colleagues: Morgan McCabe and Nicolas David
- 2019.01: 6 new bachelor students starting with their BRP; welcome !
- 2019.01: Happy new year ! 
- 2018.10: Harold appointed as Director of Education.
- 2018.10: Pablo, all the best with your new job in Rotterdam !
- 2018.10: KoJu, good luck with your postdoc position in Jena with Cornelia Jaeger !
- 2018.09: Two new PhD students starting: Sanjana Panchagnula and Marina Rachid. Welcome and we wish you a good Phd time.
- 2018.08: Vincent, all the best at NASA Goddard !

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