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Galaxies: Structure, Dynamics, and Evolution (Fall 2016)


Note: The schedule is subject to change. Check back for changes and updates

Semester Timeline
Date Topic pdf of lecture supplemental reading sections in book
Sept 9Review: Galaxies and Cosmology (I)HereHereBM4,BT4.3
Sept 16No Class (Science Day)
Sept 23Review: Galaxy Formation / Disk GalaxiesHereHereBT4,MvBW11
Sept 30Disk Galaxies (II)HereHereMvBW11
Oct 7Disk Galaxies (III)HereHereMvBW11, BT6.1, BT6.2, BT5.1
Oct 14No Class
Oct 21Disk Galaxies (IV) / Review: Collisionless Stellar DynamicsHereHereBT3.1
Oct 28Review: Solving Collisionless Boltzmann Equation / Jeans EquationsHereHereBT3.3,4.2,4.4
Nov 4Elliptical Galaxies (I)HereHereMvBW13,BT4.3
Nov 11Elliptical Galaxies (II) / Dark Matter HalosHereHereBT4.7
Nov 18Dark Matter Halos / Large Scale StructureHereHere
Nov 25Galaxy Stellar PopulationsHereHere
Dec 2Lessons from Large Galaxy Samples at z<0.2HereHere
Dec 9Evolution of Galaxies with RedshiftHereHere
Dec 16Galaxy Evolution at z>1.5 / ReviewHereHere
Jan 13Final Exam