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Current status of the observations

Summary of the sources observed

Instructions for Observers

The Ultimate goal of this survey is to observe in On The Fly mode the following molecules in the (3-2) and (4-3) transitions: HCO+, HNC, HCN and N2H+; and the following molecules in point observations: H13CO+(3-2) and NH2D (3-2).

For the semester 2014A we will ONLY observe the transitions: HCO+(3-2), HNC, HCN, N2H+(3-2) and H13CO+(3-2)
These 5 transitions are observables in ONLY 4 setups in the telescope: Setups 1A (HCO+ AND HCN), 1B (HNC), 1C (N2H+) and 3A (HCO+)
Setups 1A, 1B are done using APEX2 instead of APEX1, because these transitions can be observed with both receivers and APEX2 has higher performance.
In the observation folder you can find the files corresponding to the setups to be observed in this semester.
These are:

In the same folder of observations there are files corresponding to the setups for the high-J transitions (Setups 2A (HCO+ AND HCN), 2B (HNC), 2C (N2H+))
and for NH2D (Setup 3B); but these molecules will NOT BE OBSERVED at this run. Please disregard these files for the moment.

The instructions for this run (2014A) are:

The goal is to have a complete set of observations (setups 1A,1B,1D and 3A) for each source.
To do this , the idea is that several sources are observed at HCO (3-2), the next day the same set of sources should be observed at HNC (3-2) and so on.
To select the sources you can look at the APEX wiki page or in the SuperMALT wiki page
First observe each source in OTF maps at the transition: HCO (3-2), HNC (3-2) and N2H (3-2). Each map takes 1 hr aprox.
If the PWV is bad (>1.5mm), or the OTF maps are already observed then observe H13CO+ (3-2). Each on-off observation takes aprox. 44 min.
The rms goals are:

OTF Maps: (APEX-1/APEX-2): rms=0.1 K @ dv=0.1 km/s

ON/OFF Obs: (APEX-1/APEX-2): rms=0.05 K @ dv=0.1 km/s

For future observations (i.e. not this semester), the plan is as follow:
The sources detected in the transitions (3-2) will be then observed at the transitions: HCO+(4-3), HCN (4-3), HNC (4-3) and N2H (4-3)
Finally, the sources detected at the (4-3) transitions will be observed in the Spectrum mode NH2D.
The sensitivities are the same as before.
OTF Maps: (APEX-1/APEX-2): rms=0.1 K at dv=0.1 km/s
ON/OFF Obs: (APEX-1/APEX-2): rms=0.05 K at dv=0.1 km/s