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My Research

Welcome to my personal page. I am a Research Associate working at ALMA Regional Node Allego, studying how high-mass stars form and the initial condition of the clusters in which they are born.

High-mass stars (with more than 8 times the mass of our Sun), from their birth to their death play a major role in the energy input and chemical composition of galaxies, having a huge impact on their environment. Unfortunately, because their early life happens deeply embedded in their parental molecular cloud, their evolution is very fast and the regions where high-mass stars form are usually far away, it has been a challenge to understand what are the initial condition of their formation.

My research studies the process involved in the formation of high-mass stars. To do this, I use observations from radio wavelegths to visible light, with the aim of determine the physical properties of the high-mass star forming regions. For more info about my reserch check out my latest papers



A pre-stellar core accreting from its environment

The Brick

A massive pre-stellar clump in an extreme environment

About me

Originally from Chile, I am currently a Reserch Associate at the ALMA Regional Node Allego, located in Leiden, The Netherlands. In my current job I divide my time between helping astronomers to use the ALMA telescope and analyse their data, and doing my own research on star formation. I also enjoy making science reachable to everyone, and for this reason I started Astronomy on Tap with colleagues in Leiden.

Astronomy on Tap

Curious about astronomy?
If you are in Leiden the last Monday of the month come by the Grandcafe de Burch at 20:00 and have a beer with us while we listen to amazing talks about astronomy. If you are interested on be an speaker on one of these event or you want to start your own Astronomy on Tap in your city, you can contact me.
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Latest Papers


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