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SuperMALT: determining the physical and chemical evolution of high-mass star-forming clumps

SuperMALT aims to observe the higher J (3-2) and (4-3) transitions toward a carefully selected sub-sample of the MALT90 survey. This will allow us to determine the physical and chemical properties of the gas within a large sample of high-mass star forming clumps.
In the first phase of this project we have completed the mapping toward all clumps in their (3-2) emission. Initial results show that the J=3-2/J=1-0 line ratios vary significantly among the clumps, suggesting a wide range of excitation conditions. These data suggest that gas temperatures and densities increase as the clumps evolve. We also see hint of chemical differences among the various evolutionary stages.

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Team Members

  • Yanett Contreras - Leiden University
  • Jill Rathborne - CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science
  • Guido Garay - Universidad de Chile
  • Peter Schilke - I. Physikalisches Institut der Universitaet zu Koeln
  • Alvaro Sanchez-Monge - I. Physikalisches Institut der Universitaet zu Koeln
  • Laura Gomez - Universidad de Chile
  • Diego Mardones - Universidad de Chile
  • Elise Servajean - Universidad de Chile
  • Andres Guzman - Universidad de Chile
  • James Jackson - Boston University
  • Jonathan Foster
  • Steve Longmore - John Moores University
  • Leonardo Testi - ESO
  • I. Jimenez-Sierra - ESO
  • K. Wang - ESO
  • James Urquhart - MPIfR
  • Friedrich Wyrowski - MPIfR
  • Timea Csengeri - MPIfR