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Yanett Contreras, Ph.D.


Leiden, NL

ycontreras [at] strw.leidenuniv.nl

+31 6 38483125








Radiative Transfer Codes







Work Experience

Reserach Associate / Allegro ARC Node, Leiden University
Jan 2015 - Current

OCE Postdoctoral Fellow / CSIRO
Jul 2012 - Jul 2015


Universidad de Chile / CSIRO
2006 - 2012

Ph.D. In Science

Universidad de Chile
2001 - 2005

Bachelor Degree

Teaching Experience

I have extensive teaching experience as a lecturer and as a teaching assistant of several physics and astronomy courses. I also have supervised and mentored PhD and Bachelor students in both formal and informal capacities. I am currently the co-supervisor of one PhD student and one Master student at Leiden University.
Below is a summary of the subject I have taught during my career.

Newtonian Physics, University Andres Bello.
Autumn 2011

I was the main lecturer of the physics course for 1st year engineer students. My duties included the preparation of the classes and exams, and giving the main lectures of the course.

Yale Summer School Program, Yale University - University of Chile
June 2011, 2009, 2008

I was the teaching assistant of the Yale Summer School Program, a joint program between Yale University and University of Chile. My duties included giving complementary lectures to the classes; marking reports and tests; preparing and guiding observational experiments; and monitoring the practical classes and observations.

Newtonian physics, University of Chile
Stellar astrophysics, University of Chile
Galactic astrophysics, University of Chile
General Astronomy, University of Chile
2010, 2009, 2008, 2006

As a teaching assistant of these courses, I prepared and gave complimentary lectures to the main classes; prepare and demonstrate exercises during classes; and marked tests and reports.

Experimental astronomy, University of Chile

As a teaching assistant of this course, I prepared and gave complimentary lectures to the main classes; monitored experiments and observations with small telescopes; and marked tests and reports.

Support Experience

Leader High-Frequency calibrator searches
2015 - Current

I am leading a team that determine suitable calibrators for observations at high-frequency. I am working now in the comparisson between pipeline and manual reduced data to improve ALMA data products. I developed scripts that determined automatically the best calibrator following the same logic as the SSR system at the telescope. This script also made automatic Wiki pages to pass the information to P2G. I also planned the observations of suitable quasars, developed the data reduction script, and coordinated the data reduction and ingestion between Leiden and JAO teams.

ALMA Contact Scientist and ARC Node Support Scientist
2015 - Current

In my role as contact scientist an support scientist I help astronomers in the preparation of ALMA proposals, and provide expert technical support of data combination and imaging.

ALMA Quality Assurance analyst.
2015 - Current

This role involved checking the quality of ALMA observation, manual reduction of non standard project and imaging of dataset to be delivered to ALMA PIs.