USS Voyager - Crew manifest

So far 85(+5) of the 152(+5) crew members have been mentioned by name

Last nameFirst name RankRace Sex  Department First seenRemarks
7 of 9(Annika Hansen)- Human/BorgFBorgastrometrics Scorpion II
AndersenLilian HumanF (Workforce II; photo only)
Ashmoreensign (Human) (Learning Curve)
Ayala HumanM(security) Faces
BanderaKurtcrewman HumanMMaqengeneering AlliancesKilled by Kazon (Alliances)
BaytartPabloensign (Human)Mcon (Investigations)
BaxterWalter (Human)M(SF)security (The 37s) Twisted
Bennet HumanM InnocenseDied in shuttle crash (Innocense)
Bigglecrewman (Q2)
Blain (Waking Moments)(mentioned in medical records)
BristowFreddyensign (Human)M(engeneering) (the Swarm)
BronowskyDougensign HumanMairponics bay Someone to watch over me
Brooksensign HumanF Year of Hell
CareyJoelieutenant HumanMSFengeneering Parallaxkilled in Friendship One
Chakotaycommander HumanMMaq1st officer Caretaker
ChapmanWilliardlieutenant HumanMstructural engeneering Someone to watch over me
Chellcrewman BolianMMaqengeneering ? Learning Curve
Cohainensign (Good Shepard)
Culhaneensign HumanMbridge Revulsion
Dalbycrewman HumanMMaqengeneering Learning Curve
Darwincrewman HumanMSFengeneering MeldKilled by Suder
DelanyJenny HumanF(SF)stellar cartography (Time and Again)
DelanyMegan HumanF(SF)stellar cartography (Time and Again)
Dellcrewman HumanM The Omega Directive[3 of 10]
Doctorthe- HologramMSFdoctor Caretaker
Dorado (Hunters)
Durstlieutenant HumanSF(tactical) CathexisKilled by Viidians (Faces)
Emanuelcrewman Year of HellDied in explorion of Deck 5 (alt)
Fitzgerald (Hunters)
Fostercrewman HumanF(SF)security (Lifesigns) The Shute
Gennarocrewman HumanMsecurity ? Displaced
Gerroncrewman BajoranMMaq(blue) Learning Curve
GilmoreMarlacrewman HumanFSF-eq Equinox(from Equinox crew)
Golewatensign BolianF (Flashback)
Grimes (Human)M Lifesigns
Hamilton con (Investigations)
Hargrovelieutenant F (Eye of the Needle)
HarrenMortimercrewman HumanMSFengeneering Good Shepherd
Henard engeneering State of Flux
Henleycrewman HumanFMaq(red) Learning Curve
Hickmanensign HumanFastrophysics (Scorpion I)
Hoganensign HumanMMaqengeneering Alliances (?)Killed by monster (Basics II)
Jackson Maq (State of Flux)
JanewayKathryncaptain HumanFSFcaptain Caretaker
Jarvin (Human)Maq (The 37s)
Jarvis Human Projections (seen earlier ?)engeneering
Jenkinsensign HumanFhelm Warhead
JetalAhni HumanFSFshuttle pilot Latent Imagedied from neural damage
JonasMichael (Mike) HumanMMaqengeneering ?Killed in plasma (Investigations)
Jones (Human) (Meld)
Jorcrewman HumanFMaqengeneering Repression
Jurotensign BetazoidM Counterpoint
Kaplanensign HumanFsecurity ? Future's End IIKilled by former Borg (Unity)
Kes- OcampaF-nurse/... CaretakerLeaves in The Gift
KimHarryensign HumanMSFops/engeneering Caretaker
Kyotoensign HumanF (Eye of the Needle)
Langensign Fops Blood Fever
Larson HumanMsecurity Displaced
LessingNoahcrewman HumanMSF-eq Equinox(from Equinox crew)
Luis (Human) (Meld)
MacKinseyWilliamensign ? HumanMtactical Unity
Machaeyensign HumanMscience Droneprovided the DNA for One
Macormacensign F (Innocense)
Mannusensign HumanM Relativity
Martinensign Human WarlordKilled by Kes/Tieran (Warlord)
Mitchelcrewman HumanMengeneering Good Shepard
Molina Humansecurity Displaced
MorrowJamescrewman HumanMSF-eq Equinox(from Equinox crew)
Murphyensign Humansecurity Prime Factors
False Profits
same ?
Neelix- TalaxianM-cook Caretaker
NicolettiSusanlieutenant HumanFengeneering State of Flux
OzalaKachiburo HumanF (Workforce II; photo only)
ParisTomlieutenant HumanMObscon Caretaker
Parsonsensign HumanMSF(red shirt) Phage
Robertson structural engeneering (Someone to watch over me)
Rollins(lieutenant) HumanMSFsecurity Caretaker
Sellescrwman BajoranFengeneering The Haunting of Deck 12
Seskaensign CardassianFSpyengeneering Parallax ?Defected in State of Flux
Died in Basics II
SharrRenlayensign Human Latent Image
SofiaBriancrewman HumanMSF-eq Equinox(from Equinox crew)
Stricklerensign Year of HellDied in explosion of Deck 5 (alt)
SuderLon(crewman) BetazoidMMaqengeneering MeldKilled by Kazon (Basics II)
Swift (Waking Moments)(mentioned in medical records)
Taborensign BajoranMMaqengeneering Nothing Human
TalCeles BajoranFSFsensor analist Good Shepard
TassoniAngelocrewman HumanMSF-eq Equinox(from Equinox crew)
TelferWilliamcrewman HumanM Good Shepard
TorresB'Elanalieutenant Human/KlingonFMaqengeneering Caretaker
Trumariensign (The Haunting of Deck 12)
Tuvoklieutenant (commander) VulcanMSFsecurity Caretaker
Vorikensign VulcanMSFengeneering Fair Trade
WildmanSamanthaensign HumanFSFscience Elogium
WildmanNaomi- Ktarian/Human DeadlockNB: First name first mentioned in "Once upon a time"
Yossacrewman HumanMMaqengeneering Repression
Note: If the episode name is mentioned in parentheses, the character is only mentioned, not shown. In all other cases, parentheses indicate that something is not firmly established.

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