USS Voyager - photon torpedo countdown

Will Voyager run out of photon torpedoes soon ? In "The Cloud" it was established they had "a full complement of 38 photon torpedoes", but also that they had "no means to replace them".
The Cloud
1 fired at cloud-creature
1 down, 37 to go
6 fired at the missile
Note also that they first talke about getting the quantum-torpedoes from Dreadnaught and adapt them to Voyager !!
3 torpedoes fired at Kazon
More than 3 fired
Basics I
At least 3 (+ "patern Sierra" if they got around to it; the order was given, but we don't see the result).
False Profits
3 photon bursts (are these torpedoes ?)
Future's End II
1 torpedo fired at time-ship
Scorpion II
13 torpedoes modified as biological warheads + 1 high yield warhead (is that a different type of torpedo ?)
On the other hand, this episode states that Voyager has 32 torpedoes, which is in clear conflict with "The Cloud" (38), combined with the torpedoes we have seen in use (> 17) So actually, there is no point in continuing this countdown; either the crew managed to make new photon torpedoes, or the producers don't care about consistency.
Year of Hell I
Day 32: 11 torpedoes left, 4 used in next attack But: alternate reality, so it doesn't count.
The Omega Directive
One torpedo modified and fired.
1 photon torpedo used as "warp flare", 10 (or more) fired at the Malon freighter, 3 to collapse the entrance to the vortex
In the Flesh
19 (normal) torrpedoes and 10 class-3 torpedoes were modified with nanoprobes, so this sets a minimum on the number that was still available.
This contradicts the count in Scorpion II
Dark Frontier
So many torpedoes were fired that is is hard to count. And what is the point, it is now very obvious that the count isn't consistent any more.

Note: Was it ever mentioned whether the tri-cobalt devices fired at the array were the only ones ? What are tri-cobalt devices anyway ? They were never mentioned on other advanced ships, as the Defiant or Enterprise-E, so it must be something experimental.

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