USS Voyager - list of casualties

In "The '37s" it is mentioned there are 152 crew members and at least 100 are needed to operate the ship.

Caretaker (I + II)
lt. Stadi (Female Betazoid, con-officer and shuttle pilot)
lt.cmdr. Cavit (1st officer)
the real doctor (male Human, lt.cmdr.)
the nurse (female Vulcan)
the chief engeneer
transporter chief (mentioned in Parallax)
astrogation plotter (mentioned in Parallax)
... probably lots more ...
lt. Durst (killed by Viidians)
At this moment there are 152 crew members ("the '37s")
Cold Fire
security officer (?) (probably killed by Suspira, at least, he is not seen again)
Kurt Bandera (killed in Kazon attack)
3 earlier casualties mentioned (in last few weeks)
Darwin (killed by Suder)
Bennet (died in shuttle crash)
Basics I
1 crewmember (killed by Kazon)
Probably more...
After season 2, there should be at most 144 or 145 crew members left.
Basics II
Hogan (killed by monster)
female, blue uniform (killed by monster)
Suder (killed by Kazon)
Seska [but of course she already left earlier]
Martin (killed by Kes when possessed)
Kaplan (killed by a former Borg)
The Dark Doctor shoots the transporter operator. She either dies or recovers very quickly, since she is not seen in sickbay later.
A few security officers get shot, but we may assume none of them die, since the habitat-computer later on reports 148 life signs, the same number as was reported in the previous episode (Distant Origin).
Logic (= this countdown) would dictate that there are now 137 - 139 crew members. Unfortunately, "Displaced" and "Distant Origin" tell us otherwise. So either those episodes are wrong, or "the '37s" was wrong, (or replicators can make crew members ;-) ).
Scientific Method
femele ensign (?) killed by experiment with high blood pressure
Year of Hell I
One casualty in first temporal wave
Ensign Strickler & Crewman Emanuel killed in explosion of Deck 5
Many more but ... alternate timeline !
The Killing Game I
Doctor mentions one fatality. It would be weird if that was the only one, considering that Voyager has been taken over by the Hirogen after a heavy battle.
Living witness
Kyrians killed 3 engeneers
1 casualty on the bridge
So now there should be at most 131 - 133 crew members left. This is consistent with "In the flesh" where there seem to be 127 people on board.
Latent Image
Ensign Ahni Jetal died of a neural disruption weapon or so. Actually, this happened 1.5 years earlier, so she should have been included in the previous body count. Quite confusing.
Dark Frontier
When the Borg scan Voyager, they detect 143 life forms. So much for Borg perfection....
Countdown: At this point there should be at most 131-133 crew members left.

1 casualty, but also 5 survivors of the Equinox
author Author
It is stated that there are 146 people on board, including the Doctor. Maybe this includes the children...
Friendship One
lt. Joe Carey killed on the planet

Countdown: At this point there should be at most 137 crew members left (130 if we trust "in the flesh").

Voyager is also running out of photon torpedoes and shuttles.