USS Voyager - shuttles

Let's assume replicators cannot make shuttles. Here is what they lost so far:
Chakotay's shuttle destroyed by Kazon.
Non Sequitur
Shuttle "Drake" destroyed in time-stream.
Paris and Neelix crash in a shuttle.
Chakotay and Janeway crash a shuttle on an unnamed planet The name of this shuttle was Sacajawea
Chacotay and Kaplan crash on planet of the New Collective
Shuttle (carrying Neelix, Tuvok and Sklar) crashes on planet
The Gift
Shuttle explodes when Kes becomes non-corporeal (?)
Day of Honor
Shuttle Cochrane destroyed (when Torres and Paris try to recover the ejected warp core)
Chacotay's shuttle crashes in the warzone
Class 2 shuttle destroyed by shockwave of proto nebula
Dark Frontier
A class-2 shuttle was used as "bait" for the Borg and was assimilated.
Two shuttles were given to the refugees, who fly them trough the wormhole
Tuvok, Tom and the Doctor crash a shuttle on the planet.
The shuttle with Seven and Tuvok is captured. They are rescued by transporting them back to Voyager, but the shuttle is probably lost.
Unimatrix 0
Delta Flyer destroyed. But wait for Delta Flyer version 2
Other facts about the shuttles: Voyager is also running out of photon torpedoes and maybe even crew members.