Suggestions for student talks

Students that would like to get credit for the course (3 ECTS) can elect to give a 15+5 min talk on a current topic in astrochemistry research as part of their exam. The talk would make up ~50% of the grade. If you choose this option (decision needed by May 30), the oral exam will be on only 3 of the 7 chapters.
Note that this is a preliminary list and it may be subject to changes in the near future.

1. Chemical tracers of snowlines. Taken by Merel Reitsma.

2. Molecular oxygen

3. Complex molecules in protoplanetary disks. Taken by Kira Strelow.

4. The most complex molecules

5. Deuterium fractionation: gas phase or grain surface? Taken by Sharon Diamant.

6. CO2 ice: structure and diagnostic

7. The CH+ mystery

8. The OH+ and H2O+ mystery

9. Shock chemistry: Extremely high velocity vs standard high velocity gas. Taken by Aleksandra Krauze.

10. Isomers in astrochemistry

11. Doubly deuterated water: observations, models and lab

12. Methyl isocyanate (CH3NCO): comets vs ISM

13. Where is the sulfur in dense clouds?

14. Carbon depletion in disks?

15. Oxygen vs nitrogen bearing COMs. Taken by Frank Rensen.

16. Ionization in disks

17. C/O ratios in protoplanerary disks. Taken by Sicen Guo.

18. Prebiotic chemistry in SMM1. Taken by Julian Penzinger.

19. Does formamide form in gas or ice?

20. Where is the missing methanol?

21. Where is the missing oxygen?

22. Complex organic chemistry towards protostars. Taken by Helena Mazurek.

23. Chemistry of IRAS 16293-2422: Nitrogen-bearing COMs

24. Chemistry of IRAS 16293-2422: Deuteration

25. Chemical signatures of X-ray flares & outbursts

26. Formation routes of Methanol at early stages of the clouds

27. HC(O)SH in space

28. Formation and detection of CH4. Taken by Peter Breslin.