NEVEC-TNO workshop "Imaging with the VLTI"

NEVEC-TNO workshop on "Imaging with the VLTI. Organized by NEVEC and TNO-TPD, under the umbrella of the Dutch Joint Aperture Synthesis Team (DJAST,

Date: Thursday, October 11, 2001 (9:30-17:00) (week 41)
Location: Oort Building (Lorentz Centre), same building as Astronomy Department
Organizing Committee: Eric J. Bakker (, Ben Braam (


Objectives and agenda

This workshop aims at discussions among scientists and engineers on the technological and scientific challenges related to the imaging capabilities of the Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI). The topics discussed are also highly relevant for space-based interferometers like DARWIN and TPF, and build on current Dutch involvement in the VLTI.

All speakers are active in the field or work on related problems. The workshop is open for all interested but the presentations are assuming in depth knowledge in the field. Presentations will be in English.

The sequence of talks will follow the path of a photon. Starting with the emission of a photon by a science target, passage through the turbulent atmosphere, through the VLTI infrastructure, with detailed discussion on some of the key instruments (adaptive optics, delay lines, metrology) towards the science instrument, and finally data reduction and analysis leading to the science result. The talks will be connected with each other through the overall theme of the day "Imaging with the VLTI". This is currently not a capability of the VLTI, however it is anticipated that this capability will be implemented within 5 years. As a result this offers quite some opportunities for Netherlands based scientists and engineers to participate in enhancement of the VLTI in order to reach this result. Awareness of each other's interests and capabilities is vital for the future of Dutch involvement in optical/infrared interferometry for astronomical instruments and is the main driver for organizing this workshop.

The speakers invited will be a representation of the Netherlands based scientists and engineers involved in optical/infrared interferometry related astronomical instrumentation projects.

Invited speakers are from NEVEC, TNO, NFRA, SRON, Delft University of Technology (DUT), and FOKKER.

Time Title Speaker/location
Welcome with coffee Room 355, the common room
Session: introduction  
Introduction Ben Braam (TNO)
Session: the science case  
Science with the VLTI: extra-galactic Huub Rottgering (NEVEC)
Science with the VLTI: galactic Harm Habing (Leiden)