Polarization modeling and predictions for DKIST part 2: application of the Berreman calculus to spectral polarization fringes of beamsplitters and crystal retarders

We outline polarization fringe predictions derived from an application of the Berreman calculus for the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST) retarder optics. The DKIST retarder baseline design used six crystals, single-layer antireflection …

On-sky Performance Analysis of the Vector Apodizing Phase Plate Coronagraph on MagAO/Clio2

We report on the performance of a vector apodizing phase plate coronagraph that operates over a wavelength range of 2-5 μm and is installed in MagAO/Clio2 at the 6.5 m Magellan Clay telescope at Las Campanas Observatory, Chile. The coronagraph …

Planets and Inner Disks in Reflected Starlight with SPHERE/ZIMPOL

Improving the polarimetric sensitivity by understanding beamshifts

Field Guide to Astronomical Instrumentation

This Field Guide is a concise, organized reference that explains the functions and configurations of astronomical instrumentation. It provides an overview of aspects of astronomical instrumentation from principles of general optics and optical design …

Smart Microscopy of Biological Tissues

Astronomical adaptive optics technology is used to dramatically enhance the spatial resolution of in-vivo two-photon microscopy of thick optical tissues.