MIDI Data Reduction Software


  1. Introduction
  2. Download & Installation
  3. Selecting data
  4. Basic Tools
  5. Photometry
  6. Making Masks
  7. Incoherent Analysis: MIA
    1. Algorithms
    2. XMDV, the core of MIA
    3. The Graphical User Interface
    4. Visibilities
    5. Reducing whole nights of observations
    6. Reference Manual
  8. Coherent Analysis: EWS
    1. Theory
    2. Processing Steps
    3. Walter's User Guide
  9. Sci_Phot mode
  10. The results of MIA and EWS differ - Panic!
  11. MIDI File Formats


This manual is based on a tutorial for MIA written by Thorsten Ratzka (MPIA), and documents on EWS originally written by Walter Jaffe (Sterrewacht Leiden), which were modified and extended by Christian A. Hummel (ESO) with help from Markus Schoeller (ESO) and members of the MIDI consortium. The version you see here was edited by Rainer Köhler (Sterrewacht Leiden).

MIDI-homepage at Sterrewacht Leiden
Rainer Köhler, 18-Mar-2005