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Favourite Web Sites

This page contains my own modest harvest of useful and amusing Web sites. If you know of some that would fit here, please tell me. Reports of broken or noxious links will be appreciated.



De Volkskrant

Leidsch Dagblad

Macintosh Mine

The only real computer in the world is the Apple Macintosh, in its various siliconations. If you want to know where I get my Macintosh support, check out this batch of links.


Telephone directory

Fax directory

Gouden Gids (Yellow Pages)

ZIP codes (postcodes)

General mail information

World e-mail directory

E-mail address lookup machine

Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Libraries & Databases

Koninklijke Bibliotheek

Leiden University, Physics, Chemistry & Astronomy

Names of Minor Planets

Technical University Delft, Physics section

University of Amsterdam, Physics & Astronomy

Astro-ph database

AstroWeb Database at NRAO

Virtual Physics Library

CERN High-Energy Physics Websites

Los Alamos e-print Archive

Astronomical Images

European Space Agency's Hubble Information Centre

The Chandra X-ray Observatory Center

ESO-VLT Images

Strasbourg VizieR catalogue library

NOAO astronomy images

NRAO astronomy images

Goddard Space Flight Center

Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE)

NASA Planetary Photojournal

NASA/JPL Solar System Visualisation

NASA Space Science Movies

NASA/Caltech galaxy database

The sky at many wavelengths

Space Telescope Science Institute

Space Telescope Science Institute Movies

Naiad Astronomy Server (Spanish)

Sandia's Comet Impact Sites

Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous mission

The Sun as seen by Yohkoh

NASA-SDAC solar images

NASA-SOHO solar images

The Web Nebulae

Education & Outreach

(Number one) and (number two) are sites about Kees Boeke's brilliant series "Powers of Ten", made world-famous by an equally brilliant movie and book by Ray and Charles Eames and Phylis and Philip Morrison.

Sterrewacht Leiden

Andrew Hamilton's tutorial on colours

Sten Odenwald's Astronomy Caf'e

Peter Barthel's Outreach Page

Joel Tohline's Online Astrodynamics Book

Edwin Taylor's Relativity Site

Scientific American

Scientific American Archive

Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde

Physics Today

Sky & Telescope

`Astronomy' Magazine

New Scientist



CSICOP on-line

Virtual Chemistry Laboratory

Explanation of the Analemma

Bladzijde voor de Nationale Wetenschapsdag 2000

How Stuff Works

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

Data Visualization Sites links

American Astronomical Society Education Site

NASA/Goddard high school page

Naval Research Laboratory

Shodor Education Foundation interactive simulations

ESA Hubble Information Centre

Los Alamos e-Print archive

Library of Orbits

NASA's "Imagine the Universe"

Multiwavelength Milky Way

Amateur Astronomy

The Accretion Disk - astronomy internet directory

Stichting "De Koepel"

Sky & Telescope

Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde

Bill Arnett's multimedia tour of the Solar System

Keep the night sky dark!

Programming Stuff

Vincent Icke's Macintosh Page

N-body code display tools

National Center for Supercomputer Applications

NCSA imaging tools

Photoshop tips and tricks

Graphical Data Standards and File Formats

If you want VRML material, check out this Virtual Reality Repository

N-body code display tools

JPEG Graphic Format Home page

Word Processing Utilities

Macintosh TeX-LaTeX Page

TeX-to-HTML Freeware

OzTeX TeX-typesetting software

MacGSView GhostScript PS viewer

University of Strasbourg Astronomy Dictionary

Sun Microsystems documentation

HTML documentation

Encryption and Pretty Good Privacy

PGP Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engines






Dutch Home Page





Robban's SuperSearch


Nederlandse Spoorwegen, but WATCH OUT: this is a Microsoft slave site, useless for Linux and Apple users.

Scientific Journals

Leiden University Library electronic journal links

Astro-ph astrophysics preprints

American Physical Society links

American Institute of Physics Online Journals

Astronomy & Astrophysics

Astronomy & Geophysics

Astronomical Journal

Astrophysical Journal

Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Reviews of Modern Physics

The Physical Review 100 Years

Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde

Physics Today

Computing in Science and Engineering

Journal of Computational Physics



Nederlandse omroepinstellingen

Astronomical Institutes

European Astronomical Society

European Southern Observatory

European Space Agency

Heidelberg Theory Group

Strasbourg Observatory

Strasbourg StarWorlds

Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Space Telescope Science Institute

Goddard Space Flight Center

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

NASA's Planetary Photojournal

California Institute of Technology

NASA data on Solar System orbits


Wie iets op Nederland aan te merken heeft, moet niet mekkeren maar meedoen. Dat kan, want Nederland is het prachtigste land ter wereld. Maak je eigen keuze, zoek een politieke partij op die bij je past, en laat van je horen!

Other Funny Stuff


Modern Ruins

Not-so-yellow Submarine

The End of the World in Various Ways

AdHoc Theatre

About Professor Marcel Minnaert

Library of Sounds

Jokes & Gripes

My Workplace

Holland is a very wet little country. Everyone knows this, except architects. They design buildings not only with flat roofs (thus maximizing the rain catch), but also with inclined walls (Pisa-envy, it's called). My room in our new building gets rain in abundance (next feature: tropical snakes in the computer cable ducts). Recently, an artwork I designed in honour of Professor Oort, in the entry hall of this building named after him, narrowly escaped destruction. This building will yet cost more in lawyer's fees than it cost to build it. Visitors: bring an umbrella!


Sterrenkunde kom je op de gekste plaatsen tegen, zoals te zien in deze grap van Kamagurka uit NRC Handelsblad.

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