Christian Groeneveld

PhD Candidate, Leiden Observatory

Welcome to my website!

I am Christian Groeneveld, currently a second-year PhD candidate at Leiden Observatory. I am primarily working with low-frequency radio observations with LOFAR. Particularly, I try to achieve high resolutions at very low frequencies (below 100 MHz). I am also involved in the LOFAR Decameter Sky Survey, an effort to make sharp images with the lowest frequencies that can be detected on earth. This can help us to improve understanding of the interaction between clusters and radio galaxies. In addition, we learn something about the very hot plasma that permeates galaxy clusters.

Current Research

LOFAR Low-Band Array (LBA) is capable of observing objects at frequencies between 10 and 80 MHz. At these frequencies, the main challenge is calibrating all antennas for effects from the ionosphere.

Although a lot of work has already been done between 40-70 MHz (for example, LoLSS), the lower frequency part (15-30 MHz) have yet to see extensive exploration. By pushing current calibration strategies to their limits, we can open up this new window to the universe.