Scheveningen, May 2009


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Freeke van de Voort
freeke "at"
office 282
    Max Planck Institute for
    Karl-Schwarzschild-Str. 1
    Postfach 1317
    85741, Munich


Hi. My name is Freeke, but it is not pronounced the way you think it is. I finished my PhD in 2012 at Leiden Observatory in The Netherlands, where I was working with Joop Schaye, using cosmological, hydrodynamical simulations to study the growth of galaxies and haloes. In the past, I also worked at STScI in Baltimore, at CRAL in Lyon, and at MPA in Munich.

After a short CosmoComp fellowship at IATE in Córdoba, Argentina, a TAC-ASIAA postdoctoral fellowship at UC Berkeley (USA) and ASIAA (Taiwan), and a Tschira postdoctoral fellowship at HITS (Germany) and Yale (USA), I am now a postdoc at MPA in Garching, Germany.


After growing up in the neighbouring villages Hulsel and Bladel, I lived in Leiden during my undergraduate carreer and in The Hague during my PhD. I often went scuba diving with the Leiden Student Diving club and keep a log in Dutch. Exploring somewhat more tropical seas than the one back home is, of course, also part of the fun. Before moving away, I played the bassoon in the The Hague student orchestra Valerius and I hope to find a new orchestra as soon as my bassoon and me are reunited.

I believe that you will get the most out of living in a different country, if you speak its language, which is why I am trying to learn Spanish while I'm in Argentina. I also started taking tango classes. So far, my level in both Spanish and tango is that of 'enthusiastic beginner'.

I like long distance cycling and camping, which comes with having Dutch genes. I spend a good deal of my time traveling around in other countries, but not necessarily by bike.