Curriculum Vitae: Ewine Fleur van Dishoeck

 Current address:
  Leiden Observatory
  P.O. Box 9513
  2300 RA Leiden
  The Netherlands
  Tel. (31)-71-5275814
  FAX (31)-71-5275819

Date of birth: June 13, 1955, Leiden, The Netherlands; Dutch nationality
Education: University of Leiden
B.Sc. Chemistry (cum laude) 31-01-1976
B.Sc. Mathematics 01-02-1977
M.Sc. Chemistry (summa cum laude) 15-01-1980
Ph.D. (cum laude) on thesis
Photodissociation and excitation of interstellar molecules
Advisors: H.J. Habing and A. Dalgarno 19-06-1984
Positions: Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows 01-07-1984/01-07-1987
Visiting member, Institute for Advanced Study 01-09-1984/01-09-1988
Visiting professor, Princeton University 01-07-1987/01-07-1988
Assistant Professor of Cosmochemistry, Caltech 06-09-1988/30-04-1990
Senior Lecturer, University of Leiden 01-05-1990/31-03-1995
Professor of Molecular Astrophysics, University of Leiden 01-04-1995/-date
External Scientific Member, Max Planck Institute Extraterrestrial Physics 01-11-2007/-date
Scientific Director NOVA 01-09-2007/-date
Memberships:Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences
Foreign Associate, US National Academy of Sciences
Foreign Honorary Member, American Academy of Arts \& Sciences
Member, Leopoldina Academy of Sciences Germany
Associate member, Royal Astronomical Society UK
American Astronomical Society
International Astronomical Union
Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging

Other affiliations and honors
  See updated PDF file
  Spinoza award, NWO, 2000
  Aaronson award and lecture, University of Arizona, 2001
  Bourke medal and lecture, Royal Society of Chemistry UK, 2001
  Miller Research Professor, University of Berkeley, 2000
  Distinguished visitor, JILA, University of Colorado, 1999
  Bishop lecturer, Columbia University, 1998
  Tinsley Visiting Professor, University of Texas, 1997
  Gold Medal, Royal Dutch Chemical Society, 1994
  Maria Goeppert--Mayer Award, American Physical Society, 1993
  PIONIER award NWO, 1990-1995
  Pastoor Schmeits prize of Dutch Astronomy, 1986
  Franchimont prize of the Leiden Chemistry Department, 1980

Research: Interstellar molecules; Physical and chemical evolution during star- and planet-formation Submillimeter and mid-infrared astronomy; Basic molecular processes, Laboratory Astrophysics, Radiative transfer of line and continuum
Publications: Authored or co-authored 562 refereed papers, 60 invited reviews, $>$450 conference contributions, 25 miscellaneous and popular papers, and editor of 2 books

Recent Science Policy Functions:
  See updated PDF file 2000-date
  Member of the Board of the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope 1996-2000
  Member of the Board of the Space Research Organization Netherlands (SRON) 2000-
  Member of the SRON Science Advisory Committee and GOA-SRON proposal review 1993-2000
  Member of the ALMA Science Advisory Committee 1999-
  Chair of the ALMA Science Advisory Committee 2001
  Member of the ESA Astronomy Working Group 1999-2001
  Member of the NGST-ESA Science Study Team 1998-
  Member of the NASA NGST Interim Science Working Group 2000-2001
  Member of the NASA NGST Ad Hoc Science Working Group 1999-2000
  Chair, International Astronomical Union working group on Astrochemistry 1999-
  Secretary, International Astronomical Union working group on Astrochemistry 1991-1999
  Member of the Organizing Committee of IAU commission 34 on Interstellar Matter 1994-2000
  Chair, Working group 5 on ``Molecular Data'', IAU commission 14 1994-
  Member of the NRAO Advisory Committee for the Millimeter Array 1994-1999
  Scientific PI, Dutch Millimeter Array working group and NOVA receiver development 1994-
  Coordinator, NOVA network on Birth and Death of Stars and Planets 1998-
  Associate of the ISO-SWS Science team 1990-
  Member of the FIRST-HIFI Science team 1997-
  Member of the VISIR Science team 1997-
  Member of the RSC Astrophysical Chemistry committee 1998-2001
  Expert adviser, ESO time allocation committee, Interstellar Medium Panel 1994-1996
  Secretary, SOC and chair LOC for IAU Symposium 178 on Molecules in Astrophysics, Leiden 1996-1999
  Secretary, SOC for IAU Symposium 197 on Astrochemistry, South Korea 1998-1999
  Organizer, workshop on Chemistry in Star-Forming Regions, Leiden 1995-1999
  Organizer, workshop on Radiative Transfer in Molecular Lines, Leiden 1999-1999
  Organizer, workshop on Black Holes, Leiden 2000
 Co-organizer of numerous other national and international meetings and workshops

PhD students supervised:
R. Gredel (w. A. Dalgarno), R.A. Beärda, D.J. Jansen, M.C. Spaans, O. Shalabiea (w. J.M. Greenberg), P. Gerakines (w. D. Whittet), F.P. Helmich, M.R. Hogerheijde, A. Li (w. J.M. Greenberg), F. van der Tak, R. van Harrevelt (w. M. van Hemert), G.J. van Zadelhoff, W.F. Thi, A.  Boonman
Postdocs supervised:
A. Offer, K. Verbeek, G.J. Kroes, H.J. van Langevelde, W.A. Schutte, P. Ehrenfreund, C. de Boisanger, A. Koch, F.P. Helmich, C.M. Wright, H. Fraser, F.L. Schoier, see updated PDF file