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The Hydrangea/C-EAGLE simulations

High-resolution cosmological hydrodynamic simulations of massive galaxy clusters

The Hydrangea/C-EAGLE simulations are a suite of 30 cosmological hydrodynamic zoom-in simulations of massive galaxy clusters (M200c at z = 0 ranging from 1014 M to 2.5 x 1015 M) with a resolution of around 1 kpc in space and 2 x 106 M in mass, respectively. This makes them the highest-resolution simulations of these extreme objects to date.

The simulations are based on the successful galaxy formation model from the EAGLE project, which reproduces many observed properties of field galaxies (in particular their masses and sizes at redshift zero, but also many others as described e.g. by Schaye et al. (2015) and McAlpine et al. (2016).

Still images

Simulation movies

The formation of cluster CE-11.
The transformation of one galaxy in cluster CE-0

Data access

The simulation data will shortly be made publicly available, please come back for details. In the meantime, please feel free to send me an email if you are interested in working with the simulation data.