Yuri Levin

Sterrewacht Leiden                                                                                                           
PO Box 9513                                                                                                    
NL-2300 RA, Leiden,                                                                                      
The Netherlands.                                                                                           
Phone: 31 71 5278473                                                                                     

Current course:
Origin, structure, and evolution of the Universe

    Course information
    Handout on tensors (for reference, not required).
    Problem set 1.
        Solution set 1
    Problem set 2.
        Solution set 2
    Problem set 3.
    Problem set 4: problems 1--4 at the end of Chapter 9
    Problem set 5
    Problem set 6: read parts of Chapter 13 not covered in class
                            problems: Chapter 10, problem 5
                                             Chapter 13, problems 1+2 (counted as one problem),
                                                                                 3, 4

Astrophysical accretion course, 2009 
         Course information
        Problem set 1.
                               solution set 1
        Problem set 2
                               solution set 2
        Problem set 3
                   Anders' lecture notes (first 19 pages)
        Problem set 4

I generally work on several topics in Theoretical Astrophysics.  My main interests are neutron stars, supermassive black holes (especially the one in our Galaxy, called SgrA*), and astrophysical gravitational waves.

For my PhD, I have worked  on the theory of thermal noise and on Quantum Nondemolition Measurements for LIGO.  My mentor was  Kip Thorne, and I have also learned a lot of science from Vladimir Braginsky who was visiting Caltech annually.

Research group:
Richard Alexander
     Evghenii Gaburov
     Anders Johansen
     Ann-Marie Madigan
     Rutger van Haasteren
     Maarten van Hoven