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I am Milou Temmink and I am currently in the first year of my Master, Astronomy Research, at Leiden University.
My research interests consists of exoplanets (detection and characterisation), planet formation and circumstellar disks.


Below you can find the research projects I have been working on.

First Master Research Project

Title: Finding hot Jupiters transiting evolved stars using NASA TESS
Supervisor: Ignas Snellen

Using data from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) I went looking for transiting hot Jupiters around red giant stars. I created an algorithm which uses the BoxLeastSquares (BLS) method to look for periodic signals in the data and the algorithm subsequently tried to validate the transits. The possible detections following from the algorithm were visually checked to confirm the possible planetary nature of the transits.
Six interesting objects were encountered:

Bachelor Research Project

Title: Colour Magnitude Diagrams of the Magellanic Clouds
Supervisor: Anthony Brown

Together with one of my fellow Bachelor Astronomy students, we conducted a population studies of the Magellanic Clouds, using colour magnitude diagrams (CMDs). The CMDs were constructed using the second data release of GAIA. My part in this project was mainly focused on determining the distances to the clouds, using two different features in the CMDs: the red clump (RC) and the tip of the red giant branch (TRGB).

I found the following distances for the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC):
Feature Distance modules [mag] Distance [kpc]
RC 18.491+0.088-0.138 49.908+2.019-3.173
TRGB 18.48 ± 0.12 49.77 ± 2.82

For the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) I found the following distances:
Feature Distance modules [mag] Distance [kpc]
RC 18.952+0.076-0.096 61.726+2.147-2.736
TRGB 18.99 ± 0.13 62.95 ± 3.66

The found distances for both the LMC and the SMC are in agreement with previously conducted studies.


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