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Scientific textbook:
Astrophysical Recipes: The Art of AMUSE
by S. Portegies Zwart & S. McMillan
Preface (pdf)
Chapter 1: What is computational astrophysics (link)
Chapter 2: Gravitational dynamics (pdf)
All other chapters

Popular book:

De Zaak Zonnestelsel
by M. van Calmthout & S. Portegies Zwart
LIAS publishers 2019

Popular articles:

  • The ecological impact of high-performance computing in astrophysics(Nature Astronomy, 10 September 2020)
  • A planetesimal orbiting within the debris disc around a white dwarf star(Science, 2019)
  • Computational Astrophysics for the future (Science, 8 September 2018)
  • How the sun abducted dwarf planets from an alien world (New Scientist, 8 June, 2016)
  • Using GPUs to Enable Simulation with Computational Gravitational Dynamics in Astrophysics (IEEE Computer, Nov 2015) with Jeroen Bedorf
  • A New Space Mission Could Track Down the Sun's Lost Siblings(Scientific American, August, 2014)
  • The Long-Lost Siblings of the Sun (Scientific American, Nov 2009)
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