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Incomplete overview of the major public scientific-software packaged:

  • Starlab Direct N-body with multiple-treatment, stellar, and binary evolution.
  • Starlab is a software package for simulating the evolution of dense stellar systems and analyzing the resultant data. It is a collection of loosely coupled programs (``tools'') linked at the level of the UNIX operating system. The tools share a common data structure and can be combined in arbitrarily complex ways to study the dynamics of star clusters and galactic nuclei.

  • AMUSE Astronomical Multipurpose Software Environment
  • AMUSE provides a homogeneous interface to a variety of packages that enable complex astrophysical simulations across different physical domains, such as stellar evolution, hydrodynamics, and gravitational dynamics. The package including all our developed scripts is publicly available at github
  • OMUSE Oceanographics Multipurpose Software Environment
  • OMUSE is a specialized version of AMUSE aimed at performing simulations on computational oceanography.

  • GravityLab Interactive environment for experimenting with gravity (Awarded the SURF Innovation Challenge (2015))

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