> Sapporo GPU Library
Sapporo is a library that mimicks the behaviour of the GRAPE hardware and uses the GPU to execute the force calculations. Sapporo makes use of CUDA and therefore only works on NVIDIA GPUs. Details of the implementation can be found in: Gaburov etal 2009 (in preparation) But the seminal publication on block time-step algorithms in self gravitating N-body simulations using the graphical processor unit direct you to

Download the entire source code of Sapporo.tar.gz

Sapporo.zip contains the following files:
README Detailed explanation on how to configure the makefiles and build various versions of the library.
Makefile Makefile (Needs to be edited by the user to match his specific configuration)
compile.* Shell script to assist compilation
g6lib.h equivalent GRAPE-6 library header files
sapporo*.h Sapporo specific header files
Sapporo.config Cofiguration file for the library.
GPUWorker.* GPU driver source and header
*.cpp Example program and tiest code
dev_evaluate_gravity.cu The actual CUDA source code for GPU N-body support
host_evaluate_gravity.cu The local host CUDA code

As noted above, the README.txt file contains detailed notes on how to build the library for direct integration and for treecode.

24 Februari 2009
Evghenii Gaburov
Stefan Harfst
Simon F. Portegies Zwart

Version log:
Version 1.5: Initial public release.