Exoplanet Research in Leiden

Currently, sixthe following PhD students are working in Snellen's group:

Andrew Ridden-Harper*
Geert-Jan Talens
Sebastiaan Haffert*
Dilovan Serindag
Patrick Dorval+
*) Shared supervision with Christoph Keller
+) Shared supervision with Frans Snik

In addition to the following postdocs:
Javi Alsono-Floriano
Paul Molliere
Aurelien Wyttenbach
Alex Cridland*
*) Shared with Ewine van Dishoeck's group

Previous group members active in astronomy include:
Paul Wilson: PLATO Mission Scientist, University of Warwick, UK
Vincent Van Eylen: Russel Fellow, Princeton University, USA
Gilles Otten: Postdoctoral Researcher, Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille, France
Jens Hoeijmakers: PlanetS Affiliated Postdoc, Bern/Geneva, Switzerland
Henriette Schwartz: Morisson Fellow, Santa Cruz, USA
Jayne Birkby: Assistant Professor, UvA Amsterdam
Matteo Brogi: Faculty, University of Warwick, UK
Ernst de Mooij: Faculty, DCU Dublin, Ireland
Simon Albrecht: Associate Professor, Aarhus University, Denmark

There is more exoplanet research at Leiden Observatory. Matthew Kenworthy works on direct imaging techniques of exoplanets, Christoph Keller, Frans Snik and their group are experts on measuring planets in polarization and coronagraphy, Yanila Miguel is an expert on planet and exoplanet atmospheric modelling, and Malcolm Fridlund (ESA-ESTEC) is also associated to the Leiden Observatory.

In addition, the Leiden Observatory is very active in the field of interstellar matter, planet formation, and astrochemistry

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