Ignas Snellen is Professor in astronomy at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. He was awarded a prestigious NWO VICI grant in 2011, and an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) in 2016. After concluding his PhD research in Leiden in 1997, he worked for three years as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge (UK), after which he became an astronomy lecturer at the University of Edinburgh (UK). He returned to Leiden University in 2004.

His main area of research is extrasolar planets. You can find his up to date publication list from the astro-ph preprint server here, and from ADS here.


A small selection of his scientific articles are given below:
>Snellen, I., Brandl, B., de Kok, et al.,Nature 509, 63 (2014)
Fast spin of the young extrasolar planet beta Pictoris b
>Brogi M., Snellen I., de Kok R. et al.: Nature 486, 502 (2012)
The signature of orbital motion from the dayside of the planet τ Bootis b
> Snellen, I., de Kok, R., de Mooij, E., Albrecht, S.: Nature 465, 1049 (2010):
The orbital motion, absolute mass and high-altitude winds of HD 209458b
> Snellen, I., de Mooij, E.; Burrows, A.: A&A 513, 76 (2010):
Bright optical day-side emission from exoplanet CoRoT-2b
> Albrecht, S.; Reffert, S.; Snellen, I.; Winn, J.: Nature 461, 373 (2009) Misaligned spin and orbital axes cause the anomalous precession of DI Her
> Snellen, I.; de Mooij, E.; Albrecht, S.: Nature 459, 543 (2009):
The changing phases of extrasolar planet CoRoT-1b
> de Mooij, E.; Snellen, I.: A&A 493, 35 (2009):
Ground-based K-band detection of thermal emission from exoplanet TrES-3b
> Snellen, I.; Albrecht, S.; de Mooij, E.; Le Poole, R.: A&A 487, 357 (2008):
Ground-based detection of sodium in the transmission spectrum of HD209458b

Anyway, he would have rather been a professional football player.

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