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Welcome to the Leiden OmegaTranS website!

The Omegacam Transit Survey (OmegaTranS) is a programme to detect extra-solar planets using the transit technique. It is lead by a group of German, Italian, and Dutch astronomers making use of the newly build 2.6m VLT Survey Telescope, with its 1x1 degree optical CCD camera, Omegacam.

The project is currently in the design phase, with first observations expected to begin in spring 2006 with 3 weeks of GTO observing time, when the VST becomes operational. Already in the first year, the survey is expected to discover 15-20 new transiting hot Jupiters, while it is also expected to be sensitive to significantly smaller planets.

Feel free to click on the yellow buttons, to learn more about extra-solar planets, the transit technique, and the OmegaTranS survey.

01/08/2005 - snellen@strw.leidenuniv.nl