Astronomical software

Data reduction packages

IRAF help pages
Wide-field imaging software
GAIA Graphical Astronomy and Image Analysis
World Coordinate System (WCS) tools
VOSpec Virtual Observatory Spectroscopic JAVA tool
CASSIS Interactive Spectrum Analyzer
Super Mongo
CASA data reduction for radio astronomy
Groningen Image Processing SYstem (GIPSY)
GIPSY GPLOT Recipes Book

Simulations and models

Astrophysical source code library archive
Cloudy photionization code
Dusty radiative transfer in dusty nebulae
Radical multi-purpose 2-D radiative transfer code
RADEX radiative transfer in molecular lines
RATRAN Monte Carlo molecular line radiative transfer in 1D and 2D
Web Infrared Tool Shed - PDR and dust SED models
Interstellar Medium Models - public PDR code
Rowin Meijerink's PDR/XDR models
Starburst models at STScI
Starburst99 - comprehensive starburst modeling
Starburst99 - MAPPINGS portal - Starburst99 and MAPPINGS coupled
Starburst99/MAPPINGS model grid for infrared lines in star forming regions (Snijders, Kewley & Van der Werf 2007)
Starburst dust model library - Siebenmorgen
AGN dust model library - Siebenmorgen
2D-Dust axisymmetric radiative transfer models
Massive stellar population models - Schaerer models
Stellar evolutionary tracks and isochrones from Padova
Padova Galaxies and single stellar population models
Passive evolution calculator
GalaxyCount survey simulation tool
EAzY photometric redshift code
CESAM stellar evolution code
NEMO stellar dynamics toolbox
AMUSE Astrophysical Multipurpose Software Environment

Astronomical utilities

Astrophysical calculator
Cosmology calculator
Light travel time converter
Advanced Cosmology calculator
Make Blanton's k-correction software
Poisson probability calculator
many astrophysical utilities
Physical constants and astronomical data
Digital Universe data viewer
Large collection of astronomy software for various platforms

General programming resources

Numerical Recipes Home Page
Statistical analysis codes

TeX/LaTeX references

LaTeX help
LaTeX documentation, links, packages, examples,...

HTML references

HTML tutorial very good introduction
Getting started with HTML - very good introduction, also covers style sheets
Pagetutor - good introductions to HTML, CSS, forms, frames, etc
HTML code tutorials
Color picker
Barebones guide to HTML very useful and compact reference
HTML goodies very nice collection of HTML, CSS, JAVA etc tools
Javascript tutor very good introductions to Javascript
HTML resources good collection of links
JavaScript Tutorial for the total non-programmer - very good

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