Alexander Pietrow BSc.

Astronomy and Instrumentation student, Leiden University
E-mail    :
LinkedIn  : agmpietrow


Bsc Thesis (2014): 		Apodizing Phase Plate Coronagraph Combined With Computer Generated Hologram Wavefront Sensor 
Minor MSc Thesis (2015):	Spectroscopic and photometric analysis of NGC6397
Major MSc Thesis (2016):	Mid-IR background calibrations for the E-ELT’s METIS instrument

A&A 2016:	The coronagraphic  Modal Wavefront Sensor: a hybrid focal-plane sensor for the high-contrast imaging of circumstellar environments
SPIE 2016:	Designing and testing the coronagraphic Modal Wavefront Sensor: a fast non-common path error sensor for high-contrast imaging

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