Pascale Ehrenfreund
Curriculum Vitae
1999- Associate Professor for Astrochemistry
Leiden Observatory, NL
* Associated with the Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen  (Univ. Prof) 
* Associated with the University of Vienna, Austria
1999 Habilitation in Astrochemistry at Univ. of Vienna
1996-1999 APART prize / Austrian Academy of Sciences
1994-1996 European Community HCM Postdoc, Leiden Observatory, NL
1991-1993 CNES Postdoc, Service d'Aeronomie, Verrieres, France
1990-1991 ESA Postdoc, Leiden Observatory, NL
1990 PhD in Astrophysics, University Paris VII and Univ. of Vienna
1988 Masters in Molecular Biology, Academy of Sciences, Salzburg, Austria
Research Areas:
Interstellar chemistry, Interstellar and Solar System ices, Organic molecules in comets and meteorites, Astrobiology.
* Characterization of cosmic dust in the laboratory with spectroscopic techniques and analytical methods relevant to interstellar chemistry and Solar System research.
* Astronomical observations (optical, IR, mm) of ices and organic material in interstellar and circumstellar regions.
* Comparison of organics in the interstellar medium, comets and meteorites; Analysis of meteorites; Prebiotic chemistry
Space research:
* Principal Investigator on ISS EXPOSE.
* Principal Investigator on Mars EMF (Exobiology Multi-user Facility).
* Co-Investigator on ROSETTA:
  * Co-I MIDAS (Micro-Imaging Dust Analysis System);
  * Co-I COSAC (Evolved Gas Analyser);
  * Associated Scientist VIRTIS (Visible and Infrared Thermal Imaging spectrometer).
* Co-Investigator on SMART-1.
* Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator of 15 proposals on ISO.
  Working Group, ISSI, International Space Science Institute, Bern:
  1. "Prebiotic Matter: From the Interstellar Medium to the Solar   System", Teamleader: 2001-
  2. "Laboratory studies on cosmic materials": 1999-2001
IAU Working Group on Astrochemistry: 1999- 

SETI Strategic Planning Group LITU: "Extraterrestrial organic chemistry",
Teamleader: 2000-

European Astrobiology Network: Vice President, Dutch representative: 2001-

ESA Exploration Scientific Experts Group ESEG: 2001-



Topical Team at ESA: "Physico-Chemistry of ices in space", 
Team Coordinator: 2001-

Member: ESSC, European Space Science Committee: 2002

Editorial Tasks:

Discipline editor: Planetary and Space Science: 2000-

Editorial Board: Astrobiology, Mary Ann Liebert Inc. Publisher: 2001-

Editorial Board: International Journal of Astrobiology, Cambridge Press: 2001-


Pastoor Schmeits Prize, 2001

Vernieuwingsimpuls, 2001 

Organization of international symposia at EGS, COSPAR, ISSI
1.  Convener: EGS April 1997, Vienna (Co-Convener: H: Kochan DLR, Cologne) "From Laboratory Studies to Future Space Experiments"
2.  Convener: EGS April 1998, Nice (Co-Convener: H: Kochan DLR, Cologne) "Dust, Ices and Organics in the Solar System"
3.  Convener: COSPAR July 1998, Nagoya (Co-Convener: F. Robert, Paris) "New Insights into complex organics"
4.  Convener: International Space Science Institute ISSI Bern, September 1998 (together with K. Altwegg, J. Geiss, H. Rickman) "Cometary material: Composition and Origin"
5.  Convener: EGS April 1999, The Hague (Co-Convener: H: Kochan DLR, Cologne) "Laboratory investigations supporting planetary space missions"
6.  Convener: EGS April 2000, The Hague (Co-Convener: H: Kochan DLR, Cologne) "Laboratory space studies in the new millenium"
7.  Convener: COSPAR July 2000, Warzaw (Co-Convener: M. Bernstein, USA) "Extraterrestrial organic chemistry: From the interstellar medium to the origins of life": Interstellar medium, comets and meteorites.


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