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UPDATE - 2 October 2006

The BBC One's SKY at Night programme, which received permission from ESA to profile our project during the campaign in Bordeaux, is no longer able to cover this particular flight due to current restrictions on dangerous filming activities following a recent, near-fatal accident involving a BBC correspondant on assignment.

ICES in Colombian news!! Click above for the PDF or check the News link.

We have completed the 2006 campaign in Bordeaux.

Most updates to this website are now occurring on the News link. The blog and gallery are complete with photos and video from all flights, which took place 24-26 October 2006. If you have any questions regarding the website or the project, please feel free to contact the project team at parabolic [at] strw.leidenuniv.nl

Photos and video from our FIRST flight can be found in the Blog and the Gallery.
And from our SECOND flight's Blog.
And coming soon from our THIRD flight although there are already photos in the Gallery.

This is the student-managed homepage of the ICES Parabolic Flight Experiment, a project to study ice and dust interactions in microgravity. Our experiment is to participate in ESA's 45th Professional Parabolic Flight Campaign to take place in Bordeaux (France) from the 16-27th of October, 2006.

The experiment and team arrived in Bordeaux on Sunday, 15 October 2006 to kick-off the first week of the campaign. During this first week additional testing, safety reviews, security measures, and other preparations will be made to ready the experiment for placement on the A300. The actual flight days will be in the last week of October. Updates, images, and test results are available on the news page.

Enjoy this website and learn more about the microgravity experiment. To reach the project team, you can email parabolic [at] strw.leidenuniv.nl.

Last update: 4 November 2006