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Former PhD candidate, now guest at Leiden Observatory, The Netherlands
School coordinator and educator of teachers, 4OLS, the Netherlands
Senior teacher in mathematics and physics at Gymnasium Haganum, the Netherlands
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CFHTLenS: The Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Lensing Survey - Imaging Data and Catalogue Products

T. Erben, H. Hildebrandt, L. Miller, L. van Waerbeke, C. Heymans, et al., 2013, MNRAS, 443, 2545 (contributed)

Photometric versus spectroscopic redshifts in CFHTLenS

The mass distribution in an assembling super galaxy group at z=0.37

Smit, M., Schrabback, T., Velander, M., Kuijken, K., et al., 2015, A&A, 582, A82 (first author)

Reconstructed mass map of SG1120

Chasing the peak: optimal statistics for weak shear analyses

Smit, M., and Kuijken, K., 2018, A&A, 609, A103 (first author)

Fourier mode patterns

AMICO galaxy clusters in KiDS-DR3: The impact of estimator statistics on the luminosity-mass scaling relation

Smit, M., Dvornik, A., Radovich, M., Kuijken, K., et al., 2022, A&A, 659, A195 (first author)

Excess surface density profiles using different estimators

Full PhD thesis at Leiden University

Smit, D.M. (2021)
Light weighed: On the Statistics and Systematics of Weak Gravitational Lensing

Thesis cover
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