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Oort Workshop 2014: Episodic Accretion

In honor of Prof. Neal Evans, our Oort Professor for 2014, we are holding a 3-day workshop from May 13-15 on episodic accretion at the Lorentz Center, Snellius building. This is in addition to the Public Oort Lecture that Neal will give on the evening of May 15 at the Academy Building.


Travel directions to the Snellius Building can be found here

Workshop Rationale

Since the orginal suggestion by Kenyon and Hartmann that accretion onto the forming star may be episodic, nearly 20 years ago, the idea has been developed theoretically, found observational support, and spun off other consequences. The time is right for a workshop to explore this idea and its consequences. At the same time, ideas should always encounter healthy skepticism. The idea of this workshop is to bring together people working on various aspects of episodic accretion and variability in forming stars, those working on related aspects and possible consequences of episodic accretion, and people who can provide a dose of skepticism in controversial areas.

We insist that all participants attend the whole 3-day workshop because the point is to explore common interests and unification of the various lines of enquiry into a paradigm.