Fredrik Larsen Schöier

Fredrik Larsen Schöier passed away on January 14, 2011 at the age of only 41. He was born in Gothenburg, but later moved to Skara, where he completed his high school education. He then returned to Gothenburg to study physics at the University of Gothenburg. His interest in astronomy started at an early age, and a dream came true when he started his scientific career in astronomy in 1994 as a graduate student at the Stockholm Observatory. In 2000, he graduated with a thesis on the wind characteristics of AGB stars. This was followed by a postdoctoral period at the Leiden Observatory, where he also started to work on the formation of low-mass stars and their associated protoplanetary discs. In 2003, he returned to an assistant professorship at Stockholm Observatory, where he also became a 'docent' in 2007. Later that year, he started a new position at Chalmers and the Onsala Space Observatory. Shortly after arriving in Onsala, he unfortunately became seriously ill. He was a dedicated scientist, who was active until the end, and leaves an impressive scientific heritage of 55 refereed publications. He was an expert on radiative transfer in the circumstellar environment, and an experienced and enthusiastic observer. He initiated the Leiden Atomic and Molecular Database for Astronomy, which continues to expand and to attract new users.

A very respected colleague has left us. He is missed by his colleagues and friends throughout the world. It is a great premature loss to us all.

Hans Olofsson