Carbon ion
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Collisional rate coefficients are taken from the literature and include collisions with atomic hydrogen (Launay & Roueff 1977, Barinovs et al 2005), electrons (Wilson & Bell 2002), and molecular hydrogen (Flower & Launay 1977, Flower 1988). The standard datafile only includes the fine structure transition while a second file includes the principal ultraviolet transitions.

Both data files have been updated (2014 August) to include the improved fine-structure collision rates for para-H2 and ortho-H2 as computed by Lique et al. (2013) and discussed by Wiesenfeld & Goldsmith (2014). Note that the rates for para-H2 assume thermalized rotational populations in hydrogen and include both H2(J=0) and H2(J=2) as collision partners (Wiesenfeld & Goldsmith 2014).

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