The VLTI Expertise Center at Leiden Observatory

Welcome to the future website of the VLTI Expertise Center at Leiden Observatory!

Under funding from the EU-funded OPTICON RadioNet Pilot project, a VLTI Expertise Center is being set up at Leiden Observatory, starting March 1 2021. The aim of the Expertise Center is to support users of the Very Large Telescope Interferometer instruments in proposing, preparing, obtaining, and processing observations, as well as the use of archival data. For P109, we are starting with basic support for proposal preparation only, with a focus on MATISSE. Other types of support will follow from P110.

This VLTI EC is still under construction, so check back later for more information. In the mean time, you can contact the following people with questions about VLTI:

For more information on VLTI and links to other Expertise Centers across Europe, please refer to the European Interferometry Initiative.

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