An overview of deep fields

This page provides links to an overview of deep fields. The focus here is on imaging surveys and we maintain two different lists: One is a manually assembled list of deep fields typically with multi-wavelength imaging and the other is an automatically generated list of all deep fields observed by HST. Here we only consider imaging surveys, for an overview of spectroscopic surveys, see Ivan Baldry's excellent compilation.

HST fields

This list is based on the Archived HST Exposure catalogue available on-line and is as such automatically generated. Only programs with long total exposures are included and the necessary detail can be found on the main page for the HST fields.

Deep fields

The main list of deep fields is manually assembled and hence contains a subjective (and currently incomplete) set of fields. The focus is on fields of importance for extra-galactic research and hence mostly high redshift. The location of the fields on the sky are shown below.

The underlying data are kept organised in files for each survey as detailed in this document. We have then organised a subset of the data into two tables. One is sorted by name of the survey. This leads to a list that is mixes various different positions on the sky and it is not dynamically sortable. To complement this there is an alternative table initially sorted by right ascension. This latter table can be sorted sorted dynamically.

The location of the fields

The following image shows the location of the different fields included in our deep fields overview overplotted on the dust emission from the Schlegel, Finkbeiner & Davis (1998) study. You almost certainly want to click on it to get the larger version, or alternatively look at the PS version.