Download MIA+EWS

version MIA+EWS-2.0 is available!:

MIA+EWS-2.0.tar.gz   (15. October 2012)
      This version may work on MAC computers but you need to know some details:MAC notes

The next earlier stable release with a fancy version number is version 1.7.1:

MIA+EWS-1.7.1.tar.gz   (27. November 2009) changes in this release

You can also download some older versions:


There is also the daily snapshot, which is generated automatically every morning if something has changed in the CVS-archive. The latest version is this:

MIA+EWS-2015Nov28.tar.gz changes in this release

If you tested this snapshot and think it is stable enough to give it an official version number, then please tell us (Rainer Köhler and Walter Jaffe).
Here are a few older snapshots in case the latest one is not stable:

MIA+EWS-2015Feb16.tar.gzchanges in this release
MIA+EWS-2014Apr20.tar.gzchanges in this release
MIA+EWS-2014Mar08.tar.gzchanges in this release
MIA+EWS-2014Feb16.tar.gzchanges in this release
MIA+EWS-2013Oct20.tar.gzchanges in this release
MIA+EWS-2013Oct16.tar.gzchanges in this release
MIA+EWS-2013Sep28.tar.gzchanges in this release
MIA+EWS-2013Sep26.tar.gzchanges in this release
MIA+EWS-2013Sep24.tar.gzchanges in this release
MIA+EWS-2013Sep13.tar.gzchanges in this release
MIA+EWS-2013Aug28.tar.gzchanges in this release
MIA+EWS-2013Aug24.tar.gzchanges in this release
MIA+EWS-2013Aug23.tar.gzchanges in this release
MIA+EWS-2013Jun05.tar.gzchanges in this release
MIA+EWS-2013May18.tar.gzchanges in this release
MIA+EWS-2013Apr30.tar.gzchanges in this release
MIA+EWS-2013Apr20.tar.gzchanges in this release
MIA+EWS-2013Feb02.tar.gzchanges in this release

MIDI-homepage at Sterrewacht Leiden

MATISSE Simulator Package

version leph_1 is available: matisseSim.tar.gz   
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