Current: Inleiding Astrofysica

The first year BSc-level introduction to astrophysics at Leiden University. It is mandatory for all astronomy students, but the course is also popular amongst physics students. It covers all the basics from celestial coordinates, planetary systems, the Sun, stellar structure and evolution, all the way to galaxies and cosmology.

Although not part of my regular teaching duties I have lectured undergraduate students on cosmology as part of "Big History" lecture series in Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. At the Erasmus University College I have contributed as a guest lecturer since the course started in 2013.


previously taught courses

Origins and Evolution of the Universe (2014-2016) An MSc-level introduction to cosmology, discussing the basic underpinnings of our current view of the origin and evolution of structure in the Universe.
Sterrenkunde Practicum 2 (2012-2014)
A course for 2nd year BSc students to learn to prepare, carry out, and analyse observations with the 2.5m Isaac Newton Telescope on La Palma.
Praktische Sterrenkunde (2009-2011)
A lab course for 1st year BSc students in astronomy, where to learn the basics of observational astronomy.
ASTR200B (2005-2008)
An introductory astrophysics course for undergraduate science students.
ASTR505 (2006, 2008)
Graduate course on galaxies.
PHYS580 (2007, 2008)
Graduate course on data analysis.

lectures at international graduate schools

2015 ISAPP2015 Summer School, Paris, France
2013 60th Fermi School, Varenna, Italy
2012 XIth CNRS School of Cosmology, Cargese, France
  ICTP Summer School on Cosmology, Trieste, Italy
2009 NOVA Herfstschool, Dwingeloo, the Netherlands
  Duel Lensing School, Paris, France
2006 INAF-COSMOCT School, Catania, Italy

(co-)supervision of students and postdocs

  • Postdocs
  • PhD students
  • MSc students
  • BSc students

Mohammadjavah Vakili (2017-)

Patricia Liebing (2017-)

Arun Kannawai (2016-2019)

Marco Velliscig (2015-2016)

Maciej Bilicki (2015-2016)

Martin Eriksen (2013-2016)

Massimo Viola (2012-2017)

Macello Cacciatio (2012-2016)

Stefania Giodini (2010-2012)

Elisabetta Semboloni (2009-2013)

Andisheh Mahdavi (2006-2008)

Syeda Lammim Ahad (2018-present)

Stijn Debackere (2017-present)

Maria Christina Fortuna (2016-)

Christos Georgiou (2015-2019)

Andrej Dvornik (2015-2019)

Ricardo Herbonnet (2012-2017)

Fabian Köhlinger (2012-2016)

Cristobal Sifon-Andalaft (2012-2016)

Remco van der Burg (2009-2014)

Edo van Uitert (2007-2012)

Chris Bildfell (2007-2013)

2019: Lindsey Oberhelman, Elisa Sänger, Zorry Belcheva, Hossein Hashemi, Lisa Dombrovski, Maryam Tajalli

2018: Erik Osinga, Paul Couzy, Danial Langroodi

2017: Lennert Prins, Juan Manuel Espejo Salcedo, Bas Zoutendijk

2016: Gonzalo de Santaello, Eimear O'Reilly, Tom Warmerdam

2015: Andrej Dvornik, Sjoerd Cornelissen, Leon Trapman, Kuldeep Sharma

2012: Jeroen Franse

2011: Sascha Zeegers

2010: Renske Smit, David Delgado

2009: Daniel Szomoru

2008: Lanlan Tian

2007: Chris Bildfell

2012: Steven Duivenvoorden

2010: Paul Langelaan, Jeroen Franse

2009: Ingrid Icke, Marc Luitjens, Gilles Otten

2006: Kristie Foster

2005: Matthew Stevenson

2004: Jordan Ang

2002: Adam Muzzin





Outreach Activities

I regularly present the latest views on cosmology in public talks, some of which have been recorded, such as my presentation on the "Inflated Universe" in Leiden and my Studium Generale talk in Twente on the "Dark side of the Universe" (note that both presentations are in Dutch). I have recently been interviewed by quotesmagazine.com about my work as a cosmologist.