The topics that will be covered are:

  • strong gravitational lensing
  • weak gravitational lensing
  • microlensing
  • lensing of the CMB
  • using lensing to study the distant universe

A detailed preliminary program of the meeting can be found here. Note the parallel sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. An opening reception will take place on Monday and the conference dinner follows a free afternoon on Wednesday.

A list of the posters and their titles can be found here. The dimensions of the poster boards are 1.25m (width) by 1.5m (height). Make sure your poster is smaller than this.




Confirmed invited reviewers:

  • Anthony Challinor
  • Scott Gaudi
  • Catherine Heymans
  • Stefan Hilbert
  • Anja von der Linden
  • Peter Schneider
  • Keren Sharon
  • Blake Sherwin
  • Simona Vegetti
  • Rachel Webster