galphot.softlinks.tar.gz  Tar
 file with the source code
============README file=============================
this is the README file in galphot.softlinks.tar.gz

you will find the galphot package here. It has not been updated in a while,
but may still be useful.


packnew/galphot contains the fortran source code.
  It has worked in the past (on the good old sun and hp compilers, in the
   mid 90's
  Notice that the galphot package "fits" surface photometry in 2 passes:
    pass1: fit simple ellipses
    pass2: subtract the model frm the data, and improve the ellipse fit
      Whereas pass2 is the best way to go (you can reproduce the data
      within machine accuracy) it is very slow, and generally not used.
      Hence be careful.

galphot: contains the iraf implementation of the same code.
   Notice: it is just a shell around the above source.
   Will probably not compile on linux machines.

bin.sun4: some old standalone binaries for those good old suns

Marijn Franx, september 2 2005

PS please refer to the Franx et al 1989 paper if you find this software