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Drs. Astrid Elbers
Leiden Observatory
PO Box 9513

2300 RA Leiden

The Netherlands

Room: 428 (Huygens Laboratory)

Phone: +31(0)71 527 8412







I am working as a PhD researcher at the Leiden Observatory (University of Leiden). My research subject is the history of radio astronomy in the Netherlands between 1940 and 1970.


Currently, I am one of the teachers of the course ‘Science and the public’ at Leiden University.


My previous research topics are:

·         History of lesbian and gay movement

·         Charles Darwin

·         René Descartes and experiments


Besides my work in Leiden I work as a voluntary researcher at the Museum for the History of Sciences in Ghent (Belgium). There is an exhibition on ‘Geodesy, Cartography and Geomatics at Ghent University’ until 31 May 2012.


I'm a member of the Flemish skeptical movement SKEPP.    



I'm a Historian (Free University of Brussels) and Journalist (Erasmus University College Brussels) and have an additional degree in Logic, History and Philosophy of Science (Ghent University). 

Dance, Music and Theatre

In my leisure time, I'm a dedicated ballet dancer: since several years, I am a student of the famous former Belgian dancer Marie-Louise Wilderijkx

I have a degree in piano and theatre.

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