"Dutch" ISM/CSM meeting, 5 April 2007, Amsterdam

The meeting lasted from 10am until 3.30pm, with lunch kindly provided by NOVA. We had just over 30 participants and a very diverse and well-received programme, as presented below.

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10:00-10:30Coffee and tea
10:30-10:50Dave Lommen (Leiden Observatory)Studying Class I young stellar objects with the SMA interferometer
10:50-11:20Maria Lugaro (Astronomical Institute Utrecht)Stardust gems in the laboratory: new constraints on stellar models
11:20-11:40Matthijs van der Wiel (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute) Young Stars in Infrared Dark Cloud G48
11:40-12:10Suzanne Bisschop (Leiden Observatory)Testing grain surface chemistry in massive hot cores
12:10-13:00Lunch (provided by NOVA)
13:00-13:30Ruud Visser (Leiden Observatory)PAH chemistry and IR emission from circumstellar disks
13:30-14:00Alex de Koter (Anton Pannekoek Institute)The empirical mass loss-metalicity relation of early-type stars
14:00-14:20Coffee and tea
14:20-14:50Elisa Costantini (SRON)Scattering and absorption of X-rays by interstellar dust
14:50-15:20Marco Spaans (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute)Having Fun with Lyman alpha