Contact information:
e-mail: bosman@strw.leidenuniv.nl
room: Huygens 503

Bosman's Homepage

Current Activities

PhD candidate at Leiden University in the group of Ewine van Dishoeck.
I do physical and chemical modeling of protoplanetary disk with a focus on the opertunities for JWST.
Teaching assistant for the 2018 spring cource Star and Planetformation: SPF 2018 website

Past Activities

Part of the organising committee of the 2016 NeSO. See here
for the current NeSO website. Studing for Master in Astronomy at Leiden University 2013-2015.
Major Master project with Marijn Franx on progenitor bias in quiescent galaxy evolution in galaxy formation models.
Minor Master project about Cosmic-ray induced photodissociation in the group of Ewine van Dishoeck 2013-2014.
Teaching assistant for the 2nd years bachelor's course Sterren 2013-2014.
Bachelor in Astronomy at Leiden University 2010-2013.
Bachelor's Thesis with Sierk van Terwisga in the group of Huub Röttgering on the subject of Lyman Alpha Blobs