Welcome to my homepage!

I am an astrophysicist, working at the Leiden Observatory, in the Netherlands. I study photoionized nebulae, in particular the beautiful planetary nebulae, the last throes of low-mass dying stars.

I have a doctoral degree in Astrophysics. In my thesis I studied the molecular hydrogen infrared emission from planetary nebulae. As part of this work, I implemented the molecular hydrogen microphysics in the photoionisation code called AANGABA. The code was developed by S. Viegas, R. Gruenwald and many collaborators (see Kimura et al. 2012 and references therein).

Since I finished my PhD, I have worked as a researcher studying the atomic and molecular emission of planetary nebula and active galactic nuclei, with special focus on the study of chemical and physical processes and their effect on the emission spectra.