Exoplanet Research in Leiden

Currently, 4 PhD students are working under Snellen's supervision: Bas Nefs, Matteo Brogi, Henriette Schwartz and Emanuele di Gloria. Jayne Birkby (PhD - IoA Cambridge UK) works as a postdoc in the group, and Anna-Lea Lesage & Julien Spronck as astronomical engineers on MASCARA. Former group members are Simon Albrecht, who finished his PhD in 2009 and is now a research fellow at the Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA, and Ernst de Mooij (PhD 2011) who is now a postdoc at the University of Toronto, Canada.

There is more exoplanet research at Leiden Observatory. Matthew Kenworthy works on direct imaging techniques of exoplanets, Christoph Keller and his group are experts on measuring planets in polarization, and Malcolm Fridlund (ESA-ESTEC) is also associated to the Leiden Observatory, who is the CoRoT-PI for ESA.

In addition, the Leiden Observatory is very active in the field of interstellar matter, planet formation, and astrochemistry

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