Exoplanet Research in Leiden

Currently, six PhD students are working in Snellen's group:

Henriette Schwartz
Emanuele di Gloria
Jens Hoeijmakers
Andrew Ridden-Harper*
Geert-Jan Talens
Sebastiaan Haffert*
*) Shared supervision with Christoph Keller

In addition to the following postdocs:
Julien Spronck
Anna-Lea Lesage
Remco de Kok*
*) Partly at SRON, Utrecht

Previous group members active in astronomy include:
Jayne Birkby: NASA Sagan Fellow at CfA, Harvard, USA
Matteo Brogi: NASA Hubble Fellow at Boulder, Colorado, USA
Ernst de Mooij: Michael West Fellow at Queens University Belfast, UK
Simon Albrecht: Associate Professor, Aarhus University, Denmark

There is more exoplanet research at Leiden Observatory. Matthew Kenworthy works on direct imaging techniques of exoplanets, Christoph Keller and his group are experts on measuring planets in polarization, and Malcolm Fridlund (ESA-ESTEC) is also associated to the Leiden Observatory, who is the CoRoT-PI for ESA.

In addition, the Leiden Observatory is very active in the field of interstellar matter, planet formation, and astrochemistry

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